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Camila Duarte Vasconccelos

Let's Explore The World by Being Creative Together!

Get ready to embark on an adventure with Multicultural Education

Hi Guys! I am Camila Vasconcelos, a Visual Arts Teacher with a mission of promoting multicultural education and arts integration in classrooms worldwide. Our project is not just for educators, but parents and children everywhere can benefit from our practical and hands-on activities and resources! Download our free "Art All Around" Map Guide today and start to have fun while learning about Culture from All Around the World!

Interested in Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher?

But first things first...

Pink Sugar


What is Culture?

Culture is the lively mix of human expression, showing all the different ways we share our identity, beliefs, and history through art, language, traditions, and rituals. It’s important because it ties us to our roots and helps us understand and appreciate people from different backgrounds.


Why do teaching and learning about different cultures matter?

Teaching and learning about different cultures are vital because they foster understanding, tolerance, and global awareness, enhancing our ability to interact respectfully and effectively in an increasingly interconnected world. This knowledge supports social and emotional development, enriching personal growth and identity while stimulating creativity and innovation.


How can you start today to become more culturally responsive?

Download our free guide to discover how can you implement new strategies to apply in your classroom and daily activities with children, sharing the diversity of our world and how our differences make us unique!

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