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The MEP Team

Our Story and how it all started

Our project started in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, as a way to connect students and teachers in the virtual environment. We saw the need to create a positive space where everyone could come together, think creatively, and learn from one another.

Since then, we've been engaging teachers and students in various activities such as arts, dance, music, sports, and language learning. We've launched multicultural challenges that have brought together parents, teachers, and students from different countries. Everyone involved has been able to learn and explore new adventures with each other, making it a truly enriching experience.


In 2023, we're still going strong, and we want you to be a part of it! Join our project and be part of a supportive community that values diversity and inclusivity. Let's learn and grow together!

Join the Multicultural Education Project and become part of a community committed to spreading culture, diversity, and knowledge.


Connect teachers and students all around the Globe to learn about Arts & Culture, as well as share their personal experiences, aiming for a more respectful and equal world.

Our Mission

Camila Duarte Vasconcelos

The MEP Founder

Ms. Camila Vasconcelos

Camila Vasconcelos is a Visual Arts teacher, Photographer, and Illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a Master’s degree in Art Education. Passionate about teaching and creativity, Vasconcelos has more than 12 years of experience working with students from kindergarten to 12th grade.
She believes that Arts & Culture are powerful tools for self-expression and communication, and always strives to help her students develop the skills and confidence, to express themselves through art.

She created The Multicultural Education Project with the goal to connect teachers and students all around the globe to learn about Art & Culture as well as share their personal experiences, aiming for a more respectful and equal world.

She also believes that learning should be fun, engaging, and meaningful, and together we can create an environment where everyone can thrive. 


Come to collaborate with us, sharing your international teaching experiences and becoming a guide for aspiring teachers all around the globe!

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